Packed Lunch Sale and It’s Story

31 Oct

“You’re a gem, Bibah!” said Moon with a big smile curved on her face. Obviously, she was satisfied and happy with my answer.

3 weeks ago, she had asked me to help her handle the ‘Packed Lunch Sale’ in conjunction with Charity Week which was going to take place a week after that. Well, I couldn’t say no, and with an intention to help her put the idea to work, I said yes.

Last Friday, we had our final sale day and I have to say, I’m going to miss it! Having handled the event, I’ve learnt a lot. First of all, let me give a brief overview of what it’s all about. Packed lunch sale was Moon’s idea to raise money during charity week. It’s a fund raising event where we cook and sale our home made meal during lunch. It took place on 20-24/10/08 from 11am-2pm and we had set up a stall in front of O’ Flanagan Lecture Theatre for this purpose. It sounded simple but there’s a lot to be done. First step was to find people to help us cook the food to be sell the next day during lunch. Second, to persuade people to buy them and donating as well. Third was to lure people to buy even more ^-^ and last but not least, to explain about the food, the charity week and where the money would go.

Throughout the week, we had lined up a long list of mouth watering homemade delicacies for sale. We’re really glad that people had willingly volunteered to cook the food. Without their help, it’ll be almost impossible to carry out this event. Thank you everyone! Only God can repay your kindness.

On our first day, we got laksam and choc-dip marshmallow cakes and a day after that, we had even more delicious food for sale. Char kuey teow, fried mee hon, creatively decorated cupcakes-charity week special, chocolate muffins, sandwiches and rich-filled curry puffs. On day three, we sold fried mee hon and sandwiches followed by our very own homemade pizzas, fried kuey teow, bee flakes, popiah and few types of pastries on Thursday. At the end of the week (Friday), we sold nasi lemak which sold out in split second, bee flakes, cheese muffins, dadih, banana cakes and drinks. Wow! All sorts of food in one week! (I find my saliva drooling as I recalled the menu) It was simply irresistible!

It was that one week that I learned about marketing strategy. Gosh! It’s not easy to persuade people to buy your product. At first, I targeted people who walk in group and it’s a bit shocking on how it turns out. People who walk in group are less likely to drop by our stall and buy the food. You are not likely to act if people on your group doesn’t approve of the idea. It’s called bystander effect. I changed my strategy and surprisingly, we get more money from one person alone than people in group. Funny huh? ^-^

Other things that I learned would be team work, patience and determination. There was never a one man show where one person did the entire job. It took a great deal of efforts and team work from everyone and without much understanding and co-operation, it would never work! I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all that without the help and support from all of you, this event would not be a success.  Thank you to everyone who had spent their time cooking all the delicious and wonderful delicacies for sale. Thank you to all the volunteers who had dedicatedly spared their free times to help selling the foods. Thank you to everybody for buying from us and donating as well and last but not least, thank you for helping us in promoting it to your friends. You guys had been soo charming, sweet and wonderful. We might not be able to make it – cooking, promoting, selling etc if it’s not because of you. Again, thank you soooo much for everything. Only God can repay your kindness. We pray hard for all the best in your future undertakings! ^-^

May our little efforts have if not big, a small impact on the life of the orphans all around the world. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone for everything. Munirah have yet to announced the total sum of money we’ve collected during the sale. But I guessed, that’s not really important. What’s more important is that we stay united for noble cause-to raise fund in order to help orphans all around the world. To come to a realization that we-the fortunate one, bear the responsibility to offer a helping hand in any way that we can. To be grateful with every single little thing that we have and always ready to lend a shoulder to cry on…

Charity week has come to an end. Have you played your role?


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