31 Jul

(This is a long delayed entry)


Graduated. On 17th of June 2012.

The journey has been amazing with lots of ups and downs, laugh and tears, and the chance to meet lots of inspiring people from all walks of life.

After 7 years! And for this medical degree I received, I am forever grateful and debtful to;

  1. My parents, Ummi and Abah for their never ending support and prayers throughout this journey. For being there and continue to believe in me. I can never repay both of you.
  2. My siblings; Kakyong, Zubair, Ijah, Muaz and Husna. For believing in your sister, for wanting to know things that I learned in medical school and for being proud of me. I love all of you!
  3. All of the amazing friends who went through the ups and downs of those years, who made my journey colorful and whom I shared stories, results, foods, car, books, rooms, pens, pentorch, patella hammer, toothpick (to poke patients!), blanket, ice cream, umbrellas etc. Those that I ‘lend’ parts of my body and whom I ‘borrow’ in return. Who have touches my heart with their words, their perseverance, their kindness, their attitude and their presence.  We will all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. May our paths cross again Insya-Allah.
  4. Superb lecturers. Who taught with an aim to make us better doctors. Who provide advice and guide us on our journey.
  5. Patients. Without them, doctors wouldn’t be doctors. They were willing to share stories as we probe them with endless questions to get the history complete. Who let us examine them; cooperatively breathing in and out as we try to figure out the liver edge, patiently wait as we tap the knee to get the knee jerk and said ‘99’ as we listened to the their chest. Not to forget, those who giggled softly as we scratch their sole of foot to get the Babinski sign. Those encounters that we had have made us a better person, someone who let go of judgments, who learned to treat equally. It has made us grow into what we are today.

Thank you so much!

Well done PMC Class of 2012!

One chapter of my life- medical school- closed.

And with great power, comes greater responsibilities…

And the pen is lifted~


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