The fortunate event

16 Mar

A 1 year 9 months old boy was admitted to the ward and treated as having viral pneumonia.

I was reviewing the patient one morning when the mother’s changing the pampers. Caught a glimpse of the private part (which looked different!)

After proceeding with examination, the boy was confirmed to have bilateral undescended testis- which was missed until that very fortunate day!

And so, Alhamdulillah, the boy was referred to surgical team for further management and one aspect of his future life is saved.

Which brings me to the reason why one must love working with kids.

Abah once said; “Bagus jaga budak-budak ni. Banyak pahala dapat. Bukan ada dosa pun budak kecik tu”

And one paediatrician once said “I choose paediatric because working with children gives me satisfaction. While treating adult, you mostly deals with diseases they inflicted on themselves,  children were born with the disease. God gave them that and it’s your duty to cure them”

Anything you do or not do to them will affect them in the future; be it in a good or bad outcome; sooner or later..

So doctors, let’s do our job properly and wholeheartedly Insya-Allah. Not one houseman is unimportant to the patient’s management. One might discover an important aspect of the patient’s history which might be missed by MO or specialists!


As for the case of undescended testis, they’ll be followed up in the clinic. The testis will eventually goes down (depending on the location). If it doesn’t (until 5yo), then surgery is warranted; either to fix or removed them.

And if I ever get lazy to properly review a patient, may this story of undescended testis served as a good reminder for me.

And the pen is lifted~


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