8 Jan


Wow. It has been almost a year since I last update this blog.

Not sure whether it’s the busy working life, unavailability of laptop for easy typing, laziness, lack of motivation, different interest or lack of ideas. I guessed it’s the combination of all factors mentioned. Heh.

Thus, with the start of new year 2014, I have made a resolution to myself and decided to make it public!

I..Habibah..hereby..promise to myself..to try my best to update this blog at least…fortnightly! (psst..telling others meant I cannot betray my promise publicly!)

I miss writing. A lot! Writing has always been one of my interest. It keep my mind on the go.

You perceive things differently if you are a writer. It makes you absorb things around you and seeing your own life as third person 😉

I write not to impress but to express.

So, please pray for me Insya-Allah.

And the pen is lifted~


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