Luar orbit

7 Apr

Ever heard about ‘out of the orbit’ problem?
It’s happening. To me. And sadly, I’m doing nothing about it. Yes, practically nothing. And guess what, I’m actually hoping for a miracle to happen or things to suddenly correct itself and for things to eventually fall into places.

Urgh. I don’t know. I’m angry with myself for this ‘out of orbit’ matter. But..but..

Astaghfirullah. It’s hard to be steadfast. I have to admit that. And when u’re being tested for the things that you’d said, then only you realised ‘tinggi rendahnya langit dan bumi’.

O Allah, guide me and show me ways out of this iman deprivation and ways to be inside the orbit again. I miss ‘that’ feeling..

And the pen is being lifted~


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